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P2 1.3.1 Released

If you use the P2 theme for WordPress then you should be seeing an update in your WordPress admin panel.

The changes in P2 1.3.1 are:

  • Change sticky post color to blue, and place new posts after sticky posts
  • Reset the height of the new post textearea after a successful post
  • Do not confuse logged out with offline: better logged out/offline error handling
  • Add author template so P2 can catch 404 request to non-existent authors on current blog
  • Use user_nicename for @-name mention hint, since that is what mentions uses

There are however a few bugs being reported on the P2 support forum so we wouldn’t recommend updating just yet. We would imagine a fixed version will be released in a few weeks.

If you need help updating your P2 theme feel free to contact us.

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Mobile Plugins for WordPress

In looking through our Google Analytics this week we noticed that more and more of our visitors were coming from mobile devices. Due to the number of projects we’re working we didn’t have the time to develop a mobile theme so we started looking for mobile plugins for WordPress.

After doing some searching we stumbled across the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin by Crowd Favorite.

The installation took only 4 steps.Read more

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WordPress 3.2 Released

This week WordPress released version 3.2. WordPress 3.2, nicknamed Gershwin after composer and pianist George Gershwin, is a major upgrade and recommended for all users.

For a full list of changes in WordPress 3.2 click here. Here are some of the highlights:Read more

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How to Name your WordPress Theme

A lot of our work now-a-days has come in the form of creating custom themes for WordPress. When building a custom theme for WordPress we name our themes for many reasons but the most important is that if we just put our theme into the default folder or the twentyten folder then when a WordPress update is done the theme can be overwritten and if you don’t have a backup, gone forever.

To name your theme just follow these simple steps:Read more

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WordPress 3.1.4 Update Released

This afternoon WordPress announced the release of version 3.1.4.

Most users were hoping that the next release would be WordPress 3.2 but an issue that could allow a malicious Editor-level user to gain further access to the site had to be fixed before 3.2 was released.

The official statement from WordPress was:Read more

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How to hide Disqus from WordPress Pages

While working on a client’s blog this week we were presented with the issue of using Disqus for comments on their blog but they did not want it to appear when they made pages in WordPress.

After searching around on the Disqus site for a while we were not able to come up with a solution.Read more

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How To Add the Google +1 Button to your WordPress Site

A few weeks back Google pushed its +1 button live across the web. The Google +1 setup tool is very easy to use to generate the code needed.

Their generated code will look something similar to this
{code type=codetype}<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>{/code}
The first step in adding the Google +1 Button to your website is to place that code above your closing body tag in your themes footer.php file.
Read more

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How to Stop WordPress From Asking for FTP Info

Ever since we moved the Cat on the Couch Productions site and the Cat on the Couch Productions blog to a dedicated virtual server on Media Temple we’ve struggled with having to input our FTP information every time we need to update a theme or a plugin for WordPress.

To stop wordpress from asking for FTP credentials every time you update a theme or plugin you just need to add the following line of code to your wp-config.php file.Read more

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Thickbox “Close” Image Not Showing in WordPress

While working on a clients site this week it was brought to our attention that the close image was not showing when a user tried to upload media to a post. In Firefox you wouldn’t actually notice anything missing but in IE and Chrome it is noticeable.

The fix actually proved to be quite simple.Read more

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Fix Image Upload on P2 Theme

While working on Meet Me on Board we ran into the issue that the image upload feature of the P2 theme was not working. Depending on their browser, when a surfer tried to upload an image to go along with their post they would either receive a blank window or a 404 page.

After spending sometime on the WordPress Forums we found the issue to be pretty easy to resolve.Read more

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