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Mobile Plugins for WordPress

In looking through our Google Analytics this week we noticed that more and more of our visitors were coming from mobile devices. Due to the number of projects we’re working we didn’t have the time to develop a mobile theme so we started looking for mobile plugins for WordPress.

After doing some searching we stumbled across the WordPress Mobile Edition plugin by Crowd Favorite.

The installation took only 4 steps.

1) Download the WordPress Mobile Edition Plugin
2) Drop the carrington-mobile-(version #) directory in your wp-content/themes directory
3) Drop the wp-mobile.php file in your wp-content/plugins directory
4) Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin panel.

One thing we did want to change was to remove a lot of the text that appeared in the footer.

To do this we opened up the carrington-mobile theme folder and then opened the footer folder.

Inside of that folder you should see a file called bottom.php and most of the footer text lives in there.

If you need any help with this mobile plugin for WordPress or any other plugin for WordPress feel free to contact Cat on the Couch Productions.

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