Yoast SEO Plugin Update Breaks Update Button

If you’re like us you use the Yoast SEO plugin on all of your sites. In the Yoast SEO 7.0.1 update our clients realized the update button was gone from all categories.

You may have even seen an error like:

Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to WPSEO_Metabox_Tab_Section::add_tab() must implement interface WPSEO_Metabox_Tab, boolean given

The fix until they release a patch is quite simple.

Just do the following:

In the Yoast SEO settings go under “Social” and either Facebook or Twitter is disabled. If you enable both of those then the update button will show back up.

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Fix AMP Plugin Not Validating Due to HTTPS Plugin

If you’re like us you’re excited to get Accelerated Mobile Pages working on your site. However, you might also be running into a validation error such as “The mandatory tag ‘amphtml engine v0.js script’ is missing or incorrect”.

After lots of troubleshooting we determined that the very outdated WordPress HTTPS (SSL) Plugin was causing issues. If you can find an alternative to the plugin that would be your easiest fix. However, if you’re in the same boat as us and need only certain pages on your site to be HTTPS then here is a code snippet to add to your themes function.php file. The only change you need to make is to change the Page ID, the one in the example is 126, to whatever the page ID is for the page you want to be secure. Read more

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WordPress 4.5 broke Enfold Theme

If you’re like hundreds of thousands of people on the web you use the very popular Enfold theme for WordPress.

Sadly, with the release of WordPress 4.5 certain elements of the Enfold theme no longer work. Enfold rectified the problem very quickly with a theme update. However, updating your theme can be very scary! If you need help updating your Enfold theme to be compatible with WordPress 4.5 feel free to contact us.


WordPress 4.1 Release Notes

On December 18, 2014, WordPress Version 4.1, named for jazz musician Dinah Washington, was released to the public. For more information on this enhancement and bug-fix release, read the WordPress Blog, and see the Changelog for 4.1.

  • New Default Theme – Twenty Fifteen
    • Clean, blog-focused theme, designed for clarity.
    • Your content always takes center stage, whether viewed on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.
    • Read more


WordPress 3.5.2 Release Notes

WordPress 3.5.2 is now available. This is the second maintenance release of 3.5, fixing 12 bugsThis is a security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. The WordPress security team resolved seven security issues, and this release also contains some additional security hardening.
Read more

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DemoFlick.com Goes Live

Based out of Boston, Massachusetts, DemoFlick came to us when their website was not reflecting the high quality explainer videos they were producing.

They laid out three goals for us to accomplish:

1) Show off their work more prominently.
2) Increase Conversion
3) Allow them to update their portfolio easily.

By placing quick contact forms throughout the site along with call to action buttons we’re confident DemoFlick’s conversions will increase. We took our custom design and created a WordPress theme with custom post types that will allow DemoFlick to update their portfolio.


WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 Release Notes

WordPress 3.6 Beta 1 is now available for download. Perhaps the most anticipated feature is the freshening up of the revisions section.

Here’s what else is new in 3.6:

  • Post Formats:  Post Formats now have their own UI, and theme authors have access to templating functions to access the structured data.
  • Read more


WordPress 3.5 “Elvin” Release Notes

On December 11, 2012, WordPress Version 3.5, named for jazz drimmer Elvin Jones, was released to the public. For more information on this enhancement and bug-fix release, read the WordPress Blog, and see the Changelog for 3.5.

For Version 3.5, the database version (db_version in wp_options) changed to 22441, and the Trac revision was r23171.
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How to Get WordPress Out of Maintenance Mode

Have you ever had your WordPress site get stuck in maintenance mode? Did you accidentally close a window while updating a plugin of theme?

Do you see a message that says “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”?

This means you are in maintenance mode. To get out of maintenance mode is actually extremely easy.Read more

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How to Change the Default WordPress Login URL

The problem we’re trying to solve is that we don’t want our client to have to remember that the URL to edit their site is /wp-admin or /wp-login.

We want our client to be able to go to a simple URL such as /login. How do we do that?

First, we need to open .htaccess. If you’re not comfortable working within .htaccess we would not suggest going forward. If you are comfortable and know where to find it then it’s as simple as one line of code.
Read more

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