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How to hide Disqus from WordPress Pages

While working on a client’s blog this week we were presented with the issue of using Disqus for comments on their blog but they did not want it to appear when they made pages in WordPress.

After searching around on the Disqus site for a while we were not able to come up with a solution.Read more

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What’s New in WordPress 3.2

Earlier this week WordPress announced the release of WordPress 3.2, Beta 1. Some of the changes that are coming are:

1) If you have WordPress on most shared hosting environments, especially GoDaddy.com then you’re biggest complaint is usually the speed of your site. WordPress is eluding to performance improvements which will make your WordPress site run faster in version 3.2.

2) WP-Admin will be getting some visual upgrades but no details have been released yet.

3) The visual editor’s full-screen composing experience has gotten a major overhaul, and is now available from HTML mode, too.

Read more

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New Website for Rothbard Law Goes Live

This week we were able to wrap-up a new website design for the Law Offices of William I. Rothbard. One of our clients was nice enough to point Bill in our direction when he mentioned he was looking to upgrade his web presence. His old site was built many years ago using a free site builder provided by Microsoft Office Live so needless to say it was time for an upgrade. The site was built on the WordPress platform as Bill will be posting new articles on a regular basis and we find WordPress to be the easiest CMS for our clients to use. Feel free to check out Bill’s site at http://www.ftcadlaw.com and let us know what you think!


Our new domain is CatontheCouch.com!

After two years of trying to purchase the domain CatontheCouch.com we have finally succeeded. We never envisioned finding the actual owner of the domain would be so hard but all we had to go on was that the person was an author and they bought the URL for their upcoming book.

After finding this on Amazon.com we assumed we had found the right person. Unfortunately, it turned out there were two people writing books about a Cat on the Couch and we had found the wrong one. The trail had gone cold and Google was not providing anymore valuable information.

Then one day out of the blue we got the email we had been praying for. The correct author had heard we were looking for her through a friend we had found and was willing to sell us the domain! All of the complaining about our long email addresses and URL can stop. We are now CatontheCouch.com!


Trip to NYC for Ad Tech – Digital Marketing

This week the Cat on the Couch team will be heading to New York City for Ad Tech NYC 2010. In preparation for the occasion we developed specifically tailored business cards for the trip. Take a look and feel free to tell us what you think.

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Why We Choose Basecamp Software to Manage Client Projects

If you’ve ever worked with an advertising agency or freelance design professional, you know the difficulty that cam come with project schedule coordination and overall communication. Miscommunication, misunderstanding and missed deadlines can all lead to a pretty unhealthy client/agency relationship.

Sure, you can create your own calendars or hire a project manager to coordinate schedules and send out emails, but in the end that person is still a ‘middle-man’ and is just as prone to mistakes as anyone else.

At Cat on the Couch Productions, we maximize communication and productivity while minimizing misunderstandings by using Basecamp. In fact, Basecamp’s amazing software is one the reasons we’re able to service clients in various locations and still manage all our projects effectively.Read more

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