Our new domain is CatontheCouch.com!

After two years of trying to purchase the domain CatontheCouch.com we have finally succeeded. We never envisioned finding the actual owner of the domain would be so hard but all we had to go on was that the person was an author and they bought the URL for their upcoming book.

After finding this on Amazon.com we assumed we had found the right person. Unfortunately, it turned out there were two people writing books about a Cat on the Couch and we had found the wrong one. The trail had gone cold and Google was not providing anymore valuable information.

Then one day out of the blue we got the email we had been praying for. The correct author had heard we were looking for her through a friend we had found and was willing to sell us the domain! All of the complaining about our long email addresses and URL can stop. We are now CatontheCouch.com!

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