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Why We Choose Basecamp Software to Manage Client Projects

If you’ve ever worked with an advertising agency or freelance design professional, you know the difficulty that cam come with project schedule coordination and overall communication. Miscommunication, misunderstanding and missed deadlines can all lead to a pretty unhealthy client/agency relationship.

Sure, you can create your own calendars or hire a project manager to coordinate schedules and send out emails, but in the end that person is still a ‘middle-man’ and is just as prone to mistakes as anyone else.

At Cat on the Couch Productions, we maximize communication and productivity while minimizing misunderstandings by using Basecamp. In fact, Basecamp’s amazing software is one the reasons we’re able to service clients in various locations and still manage all our projects effectively.

Let’s take a brief look at the advantages we see in using Basecamp to manage creative projects.

Spare your inbox – keep documents in one central location. With Basecamp, there’s no missing a CC or sending an outdated document by accident. The right people get the right information at the right time. Everyone knows what’s going on, what’s expected, and what to do next.

Milestone’s for a broader project landscape.  ‘To do’ lists are too often viewed as a moment in time, but when you use Basecamp’s milestones feature, project members get a broader view of the entire project and how each little ‘to do’ fits into the bigger picture. This is important because our projects are never one-sided. There will always be information and items we need from clients to provide the best service we can.

Collaborations that act like conversations.  The ability to comment and leave message creates an open forum for everybody involved in a project. For us, it means we don’t just feedback – we get conversations during every phase of a project. These conversations can be crucial to delivering the best final product to clients.

These three reasons alone make Basecamp the right choice for us when it comes to handling creative projects. The interface is intuitive and clients find themselves pros at using it after their first encounter.

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