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Fix Image Upload on P2 Theme

While working on Meet Me on Board we ran into the issue that the image upload feature of the P2 theme was not working. Depending on their browser, when a surfer tried to upload an image to go along with their post they would either receive a blank window or a 404 page.

After spending sometime on the WordPress Forums we found the issue to be pretty easy to resolve.

All you have to do is comment out line 66 of p2/inc/p2.php.

When you’re done commenting out line 66 your code should look like this:
{code type=codetype} function url_filter( $url, $path = ” ) {
$parsed = parse_url( $url );
$host = ( isset( $parsed[‘host’] ) ) ? $parsed[‘host’] : ”;
// $url = preg_replace( ‘|https?://’ . preg_quote( $host ) . ‘|’, home_url(), $url );
return esc_url( $url );

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