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How to Remove the WordPress Admin Bar

Yesterday, our friends at wrote us and asked if there is a way to hide the admin bar that was added to WordPress in version 3.1.

If you’d like to remove the WordPress Admin Bar there are two ways to go about it.Read more

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How To Reset Your WordPress Password

This week one of our clients was unfortunate enough to have an automatic update of a plugin fail about 1/2 way through. This caused their wp-admin section to become unusable. When they contacted us we weren’t privy to the details of the failed plugin upgrade so we just assumed they lost their password and couldn’t get it back. Sending a recovery email wasn’t working so we went ahead and reset it via phpMyAdmin.

To reset your WordPress password via phpMyAdmin you need the directions below and it should take you less than 5 minutes.

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Hiding ?fb_xd_fragment from Google Analytics

This week our client, Green Mountain at Fox Run, wrote to us to try to understand why when running reports in Google Analytics they were seeing duplicate URL’s with the only difference being one included ?fb_xd_fragment= at the end of it.


Typically this happens when you have Facebook social widgets, such as the Like button, on your site.

Preventing these from appearing in Google Analytics is actually pretty easy.
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What’s New in WordPress 3.2

Earlier this week WordPress announced the release of WordPress 3.2, Beta 1. Some of the changes that are coming are:

1) If you have WordPress on most shared hosting environments, especially then you’re biggest complaint is usually the speed of your site. WordPress is eluding to performance improvements which will make your WordPress site run faster in version 3.2.

2) WP-Admin will be getting some visual upgrades but no details have been released yet.

3) The visual editor’s full-screen composing experience has gotten a major overhaul, and is now available from HTML mode, too.

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Add Site Speed to your Google Analytics Account

In the beginning of May Google announced that you would now be able to monitor page load time in the new version of Google Analytics. You will now have the ability to see which pages are loading the slowest and you can even break it down to what browsers load the slowest and what parts of the World load the slowest.

The first thing you need to do to be able to measure load time is to make a slight modification to your Google Analytics pixel.
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Facebook Like Box not showing in IE9

This week our friends over at informed us that the Facebook like box on their homepage was no longer showing in Internet Explorer 9. After doing some research we quickly found out that we weren’t the only ones experiencing this issue. The problem occurs when you’re using an older version of the Like Box code.

To fix the Facebook Like Box not showing in Internet Explorer 9 you only have to do a few simple steps.

1) Go to and generate your new code.
2) Swap out your old for the new code and you should be back in business.
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How to Change Drupal Administrator Password

Earlier this week we were presented with the challenge of doing some work on a Drupal site. The issue with this was that the client did not know the administrator username and password. After spending a few minutes poking around the database we were able to get the following commands to work.

To recover your Drupal username type this into the SQL section of PHPMyAdmin:

SELECT name FROM users WHERE uid = 1;

To recover your Drupal password type this into the SQL section of PHPMyAdmin:

UPDATE users SET pass = md5(‘password’) WHERE uid = 1;

When doing the password change just change the password to whatever you want your new password to be.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you in changing your Drupal administrator password.

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What do you do when your Web Site Hosting Company closes?

This week we learned about the closing of HIT Web Design and hosting in Provo, Utah. After 972 Better Business Bureau complaints against their company it was probably the right decision. However, what if you’re one of their clients who depend on their servers to host your website. You’re probably wondering what to do to make sure your business is not impacted.

  1. Back up all of your website files and databases.
  2. If you currently only use webmail to check your email, setup a desktop email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mac Mail and download all of your email.
  3. If your current company is known to run unauthorized charges against credit cards then change your credit card immediately to prevent them from charging you one more time before you get away.

If you don’t know how to back up your website or configure a desktop email client feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to assist!

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WPNG Calendar Not Working – Loader Spinning

This morning I was researching a variety of plugins to integrate a Google Calendar to display on a WordPress page. I came across WPNG Calendar, a very easy solution for adding a calendar to any page within WordPress.

All smooth until I went to go preview my page. I had entered the:

  1. Google GDATA API Key
  2. Google Calendar Feed URL

And the page drew a JavaScript error and kept spinning the loading animation. Did some digging and I found the solution.

The Fix

By default the Google Calendar Feed URL will give you (XML Format):

This URL is valid for a XML feed, but for this plugin that doesnt work, if you use the “full” URL. Your problem will be solved!. Use this format below:

Hopefully that will work for you as well and save the headache of debugging and hoping.

If you have any issues feel free to contact us.

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How to transfer a domain from Microsoft Office Live

A few weeks ago one of our new clients came to us about transferring their domain before we began our work. After gather all the proper credentials we sat down to do something we had done hundreds of times before. However, we quickly learned that having a domain with Microsoft Office Live means you lose all control over your DNS. If you want to control your DNS you actually need to go through the process of canceling your account with Microsoft Office Live. When you do that your website is taken down, your email is gone, and you are left wondering what to do next.

Thanks to this great post by Peter Vatistas in which he outlined all the steps to cancel your Microsoft Office Live account our job was a thousand times easier. Here are the steps that Peter outlined which worked so well for us:Read more

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