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WPNG Calendar Not Working – Loader Spinning

This morning I was researching a variety of plugins to integrate a Google Calendar to display on a WordPress page. I came across WPNG Calendar, a very easy solution for adding a calendar to any page within WordPress.

All smooth until I went to go preview my page. I had entered the:

  1. Google GDATA API Key
  2. Google Calendar Feed URL

And the page drew a JavaScript error and kept spinning the loading animation. Did some digging and I found the solution.

The Fix

By default the Google Calendar Feed URL will give you (XML Format):

This URL is valid for a XML feed, but for this plugin that doesnt work, if you use the “full” URL. Your problem will be solved!. Use this format below:

Hopefully that will work for you as well and save the headache of debugging and hoping.

If you have any issues feel free to contact us.

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