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Facebook Like Box not showing in IE9

This week our friends over at informed us that the Facebook like box on their homepage was no longer showing in Internet Explorer 9. After doing some research we quickly found out that we weren’t the only ones experiencing this issue. The problem occurs when you’re using an older version of the Like Box code.

To fix the Facebook Like Box not showing in Internet Explorer 9 you only have to do a few simple steps.

1) Go to and generate your new code.
2) Swap out your old for the new code and you should be back in business.

One thing we did notice is that if you choose the light version of the new code it seems to come with a transparent background. This works great if you’re putting it on a white page. If you need to put it on a different color background like we did at then you need to modify their code just a little.

Adding an inline style that says style=”background-color:#FFF” right after you list your URL in the Like Box code should give you a white background.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to assist.

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