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How To Open WordPress Custom Menu Links in a New Window

Today while do some work on the new LifeTrak Personal Training site we needed to add an external link to the custom menu. Simple enough task but what if we wanted to the link to open up in a new window?

WordPress does give you this option but hides it from the default custom menu screen.

To turn it on go up to Screen Options in the top right, and check the box labeled Link Target under the Show Advanced Menu Properties heading.

Now if you expand the menu item you added you should see “Open link in a new window/tab“.

Feel free to let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

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  • The answer works fine. However, I have an added question. How can I make that new window conform to a specific size as a pop-up?

    • Andy – That usually requires some JavaScript so you’ll probably be unable to use custom menu to do that. You’ll have to hard-code the menu. Make sense?

  • Nandhas

    If I use open in new window/tab it ll open in new tab.. but i need in new window? can anyone ll help?