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How To Fix RSS Feed Not Working in WordPress

Earlier this week our friends at Meet Me On Board asked us to look into an issue where their RSS feed was not working properly.

When you tried to reach their feed you would receive the following message:

“XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity”

After doing some research we found an article from the W3C which pushed us in the right direction.

  • PHP also uses a similar notation: . Note that the final php ?> should be omitted from all PHP code files—modules, includes, etc. The closing delimiter is optional in PHP (but not in XML), and removing it helps prevent unwanted white space at the end of files which can cause problems with your feeds.
  • Check your wp-rss2.php and wp-atom.php files for blank lines outside of bracketed sections.
  • Check your wp-config.php file for blank lines outside of bracketed sections.
  • Check your theme’s functions.php file for blank lines outside of bracketed sections.
  • One by one, disable plugins and revalidate until you isolate the one causing the problem.

For us the issue was blank space at the end of our wp-config.php file. As soon as we removed that the RSS feed started functioning properly.

If you have any questions or need help fixing your WordPress RSS feed feel free to contact us.

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  • very useful article about how to fix rss feed in wordpress..Thanks for the tips

  • Sujoy Dhar

    please kindly check my page it is having some error in my page could you help me in fixing this feed error !

    The best will be try chrome browser so that you can see exactly what is the error in my feed page !

  • I’m getting this error now too.. but only since I upgraded to WordPress 3.5. I’ve gone thru all the php files you’ve mentioned and manually tried to remove all blank spaces… but it still hasn’t cleared the problem up.

    (I’ve also tried some of those rss fix feeds plugins I’ve seen, but those didnt clear the problem up either)

  • Eren

    please kindly check my page it is having some error in my page could you help me in fixing this feed error !

    • Eren – It is hard to diagnose a problem from just looking at the page in a browser. It looks like the issue we explain how to fix above. Have you tried our instructions yet?

  • Rez

    My feed is not working, and I have no idea whether it was working ever.
    I tried visiting other related links, such as /rss or /rss/feed without luck.

    It looks like feed does not exist, it does redirect to homepage. But I can´t recall that I have deleted any file related to feed that could cause such as issue. I don´t have any entry on .htaccess that could cause it too.
    Can I manually add a feed/rss file on the root folder, if so, what´s the code?

  • My feed is giving the message “no articles”. It used to work. I’m not sure when it stopped. I have tried disabling all the plug-ins and activating the twenty twelve theme. Appreciate any suggestions.

  • Is the WordPress plugin “Fix My Feed RSS Repair” able to automatically fix this particular type of error?
    Or is any WP plugin that you know of being able to, instead?..

    Looking forward to your answer…


  • Steve,

    Possibly but I can’t say for certain. Feel free to try it and report back.

    • Thank you – I have to try, I have to do something…

      Anyway, if it works, I’ll come back and let you know, too…


  • Why does it shows that my RSS Feed is not validated.? (

  • Can you help me solve my rss feed?..i could not validated. My URL feed is :